REN Instant Firming Beauty Shot

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I say often to friends and family how important it is to look after your skin if you want to get the most out of your make up. I myself have many issues with my skin including hyperpigmentation which has in the past made me very insecure. Fortunately, I am more comfortable with my skin and with a better skincare routine, I am seeing great results. However, we can leave that issue for another post.

The word ‘instant’ I believe is one that often catches the eye, especially in a world where we usually always search for a ‘quick fix.’ I first tried REN’s beauty shot as a sample that I was given with an order I had placed on Very Exclusive. Without researching in to the product, I went straight in and tried it. I didn’t notice anything major, and continued with applying my make up as I usually would. I was getting ready for a night out to celebrate my birthday, and as soon as I went downstairs every one began to compliment how plump and healthy my skin was looking. I was initially confused, I thought to myself ‘what exactly have I done different?’ and then it hit me – the Beauty Shot.

For the next few weeks, I continued using the sample I had received and I noticed that every time I used the beauty shot in my routine, my skin felt more plump and my make up applied flawlessly. I have combination skin and during the winter especially my skin becomes really dry. Once I applied this, my skin felt so hydrated and there was no dry patch to be found anywhere.

REN’s Beauty Shot is a serum like formula which delivers a powerful shot of Hyaluronic Acid which firms, smooths and plumps the skin with instant effects, this is also claimed by REN in their product description and it cannot be argued with. This truly is a product that does provide you with instant results.

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This is a boosting product that is designed to be used with your other skincare products. Wear this product under your moisturiser, I would not recommend wearing it alone and applying your make up on top. You need a small amount and this truly is a product where less is more. Try not to apply more than one layer of the Beauty Shot, if you pat on too much, you may end up with a film that sits on top of your skin which will consequently cause your make up to look very caked up on you. Once applied the Beauty Shot does sink in to the skin fairly quickly.

I have loved incorporating this product in to my skincare routine and feel it is definitely a product that lives up to its claims. REN have truly hit the nail on the head with this one.

There is of course a downside to this product, and that is the price. It’s definitely not budget friendly. You can purchase the Beauty Shot for £36 from REN online. Although £36 is a a lot of money, I would consider this more of an investment piece as it will last you quite some time.

I am looking in to cheaper alternatives so if I find one that provides similar results or even better, I’ll inform you on the blog.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts? Comment down below and let me know.

Until my next post.