South Africa Comes To London

I received an invitation for the opening of Sorbet Salon in London, but unfortunately I was not able to attend the event. Sorbet Salon which launched in 2005 and now has over 126 franchises across the country, is one of South Africa’s most well known and loved salons. Now, in 2015 it has expanded its services to my city – London. After looking at the salon, its history and services I knew I had to visit, particularly as it offered me everything I opt to get done on the regular all in one place.

It’s extremely difficult to find a salon that offers an exceptional service. Whilst I have many around me, I don’t often meet trained staff that have mastered their craft and can truly deliver. I’m sure many of us can agree that when we find a place that offers brilliant results, we stick to it and hope our favourite staff member never leaves. Unfortunately for me my favourite staff have often left and my journey to replace them is on a continuous loop. Fortunately, Sorbet have now arrived in the UK and I have access to professional services as and when I need.

Prior to my visit, I was a little hesitant (as I usually am when trusting a new salon) but as soon as I stepped foot in to the salon I was made to feel at ease and entirely comfortable. Every staff member that I had seen carried themselves in a professional manner and were very friendly and welcoming. I had made the booking to get my nails done and I was attended to by Cristina who was an absolute pleasure to be treated by. Although Sorbet offer a wide range of treatments for both men and women, I wanted to go for something I usually get done every month. However, I am now tempted to go and book myself for a facial.






The Treatment: Acrylic Nails with Gel Polish

I usually get acrylic nails, but this was the first time I decided to apply a gel polish on top. Usually I go for any standard nail polish. I changed my mind and opted for gel after seeing what the staff were capable of. Plus this meant shiny nails for much longer.

The entire treatment was wonderful and pain-free (in case anyone did wonder). Cristna took her time and the effort truly showed. I have never had any person pay such attention to detail and consistently ensure that I was happy with what was being done. Not to knock my usual go-to, but they don’t spend that much time making my hands feel truly pampered and spoiled. Furthermore, the shape was PERFECT and exactly what I had envisioned.

I had acrylics previously when I arrived and removal can be a pain, but Cristina removed my previous set causing me no level of pain. I honestly cannot commend the level of care and attention enough, it was by far the best salon I have been to for a nail treatment.

The Results:

Spoilt hands and beautiful nails! I don’t think I have ever been more satisfied and happy with results. My brother could even tell you how often I come back after a nail appointment and find something I’m not too keen on. But, I could not fault the end results at all from Sorbet.






The Salon:



















Sorbet Staff:

Thank you to the beautiful ladies that allowed me to take pictures of them.







The wonderful Cristina. Thank you for your hard work and patience!



I’m sure there are many other women like me who on the regular get their nails done, and after the experience I had I really wanted to share this South African superstar. If you are in London and want qualified professionals for all your beauty needs I could not recommend Sorbet enough. I visited their first ever Salon which is in Muswell Hill (details). However, I am pleased to announce that they will be expanding their franchise in London too!

Welcome to London Sorbet Salons and thank you for bringing your fabulousness with you.

Thank you to Samantha who reached out to me to invite me to their opening, had you not, I would never have known of the salon and all it had to offer.

If you have visited Sorbet since its launch in July, or even in South Africa, are there any treatments you would recommend? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below.

If you even plan on visiting the London salon, do let me know. Maybe we will see eachother!

I hope to bring you more London Living posts and share my city and favourite places with you all.

Until my next post.