Five Things You Should Have In Your Bridal Survival Kit

Bridal Suvival Kit (2)

With my best friend getting married next year and being relied upon for makeup advice and tips, I began to research a lot and thought I would share five things every bride should have on hand on her big day. I spoke to some of my married friends and relatives to ask them about their experience – something which I think every bride-to-be should consider. When you speak to others and ask them to reflect on their experience you are bound to learn something new. Furthermore, they’ll probably have a few tips for you that you would never have thought about.

On your big day you’ll have your trusted friends beside you so these are five items they can be trusted with and be prepared to hand over when needed.

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1. Stick Concealer

Weddings are emotional, unless you’re like Chandler Bing and find it difficult to cry. You’ll find yourself extremely busy throughout the day, and you may be subject to extreme weather, all are contributing factors to your makeup wearing off. In case of touch-ups keep a stick concealer with you as they are easy to blend with your fingers and will provide any coverage if need be in certain areas.

2. Blotting Papers

Whether you have oily skin naturally or not, having blotting papers on hand will help remove any shine. They’re far more convenient than powders and you won’t have to worry about adding extra layers of product on your face. Having them on hand will ensure you don’t look oily in any of your photos.

3. Lip Product

Prior to your wedding, if you are not doing your own makeup – find out exactly what lip colour(s) you will be wearing on the day and keep them with you. You never know when you will need to touch up and having your shade(s) on hand will keep you camera-ready.

4. Blush

Blush is often the first to wear off so keep your blush with you in case you do need to touch-up slightly later on. This is particularly helpful for when you want to freshen up for the evening. It’s also key to remember that flash photography has the tendency to┬ábe quite harsh and can wash you out.

5. Comfortable Shoes

The last advice is not makeup related but important. As beautiful as heels are, wearing them for a long period of time can be painful. Keep a spare pair of shoes that are comfortable with one of your bridesmaids and request when need be. If your dress is long and no one can see your feet – switch up as soon as you wish.

Finally, if you are getting married soon I wish you all the absolute best as you start a new chapter with your significant other. As stressful as weddings can be, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and the company of all those that love you as they come to celebrate your happiness. It’s the memories you make and the smallest of things that always mean the most.

Thank you for reading, I’m signing out until my next post.