Frank Body Lip Scrub and Lip Balm Duo


Since I first discovered the Frank Body Coffee Scrub, I have kept to my promise of never being without it. I have tried a variety of coffee based scrubs but none are as good as what Frank Body offer. Naturally, when the brand announced that they released a lip scrub and balm using Frank’s signature coffee base I had to give it a try. Taking into consideration how much I love wearing liquid lipsticks I ensure I look after my lips by exfoliating and keeping them hydrated.

The Lip Scrub:


The formula is not as granulated as Lush’s Lip Scrub, it has a smoother consistency which is gentle on the lips yet is effective in removing all dead skin cells as well as adding moisture. There is a soft scent of sweetened coffee which is not over-bearing and certainly a dream for those that love the smell of coffee. The scent is expected considering that the formula does contain ground robusta coffee and coffee seed oil.


With minimum scrubbing you are left with soft hydrated lips free from any rough skin in minutes. I actually prefer this scrub to Lush’s as it is far more gentle and a little certainly does go a long way. Furthermore, unlike the Lush scrub I don’t have any urge to eat this formula.

The Balm:


Unlike the scrub, the balm has no scent. The consistency and texture of the formula is the same as Lanolips standard formula (which I absolutely love!). I’ve always found Lanolips to be the only balm that truly hydrates, moisturises and protects my lips and Frank Body’s Lip Balm behaves in the same manner. In fact, I am unable to tell any difference between the two. I prefer balms with a thicker consistency as I always find them to be the most effective in serving their purpose.

I apply the balm morning and night and have found it to really benefit my lips. The longer I have used the formula the less I’ve needed to exfoliate my lips.

Overall the duo is fantastic quality for the price and certainly does meet every claim by the brand. If you are in search of a new scrub and balm do consider this duo from Frank Body – you will not be disappointed.

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