Jouer Cosmetics Essential Lip Enhancer


Cult Beauty is one of my favourite places to shop online when it comes to beauty products, they have an incredible selection and offer brands that are not as readily available in the UK as well as stocking some true cult classics. As you may imagine, during my spare time I often browse a variety of sites searching for products that I may want to try, on one occasion I came across Jouer’s Essential Lip Enhancer and after reading the claims I thought it would be a good product to put to the test.

Jouer claim that their Essential Lip Enhancer works great as an overnight intensive treatment as well as containing¬†a patented complex called Maxi-lip, which claims to be clinically proven to increase fullness & plump out fine lines.¬†The one thing to always consider and accept with lip-plumping products is that your lips will not suddenly increase in size drastically. That would be rather impossible without fillers or taking it upon yourselves to suck on the ridiculous “lip plumping” gadgets.


The formula for Jouer’s Essential Lip Enhancer is nothing like what I expected it to be considering it’s marketed as an intensive treatment. I assumed the consistency would be very thick and heavy, however it’s the complete opposite. Infused with jojoba oil, shea butter & vitamins A & C the formula feels very light when applied and leaves a beautiful soft-gloss finish which in-fact does give the illusion of fuller, plumper lips.

With consistent daily use this formula has helped my lips incredibly and any product I apply on top soon after or the following day always glides on beautifully allowing me to get the best application and results from the product. As much as I do love thicker consistencies such as Lanolips, I find Jouer’s Essential Lip Enhancer to be more convenient as it is lightweight yet still provides the same results as a thicker formula.

Overall I am very impressed with the results and also love that this looks beautiful on the lips on its own too, making it the perfect handbag essential.

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Thank you for reading, I’m signing out until my next post.