SEVENTEEN Mega Matte Lipsticks


I have been so impressed with Boots own brand SEVENTEEN. In 2015 I was exceptionally impressed with their contour kit but I never got around to trying more from their range. Since then it seems they have completely revamped their collection and have created some truly fantastic products for affordable prices.

On the 03rd of August 2016, SEVENTEEN launched 12 shades as part of their Mega Matte Lipstick collection. There’s something for everyone, for those that like their nude shades right down to bold statement colours.

Costing £4.49 each and packaged in a sleek black tube, SEVENTEEN’s Mega Matte Lipsticks are some of the best on the affordable beauty market. There are many affordable brands that have created matte lipsticks but some are never truly matte, whilst others have a formula that just sucks the life out of your lips. Fortunately, these lipsticks from SEVENTEEN fall in neither category.



When it comes to a matte finish lipstick, I understand that there is a significant chance that the formula will be drying on the lips, I can deal with that as long as it’s still comfortable to wear. Of the 12 shades, I have three – two reds (no surprise) and a nude. The formula between them all is consistent and does not vary. I found each shade to glide on smoothly on the lips and leave a true matte finish (similarly to MAC’s standard matte formula). Regardless of how smooth a formula is, I do always recommend prepping your lips before you go in with a matte formula to not only ensure the best possible application but to also allow the formula to feel more comfortable. One swipe will offer you full opacity, however you can build the intensity by blotting the first layer with tissue and then re-applying. (This will also significantly enhance wear time).


SEVENTEEN claim that this is a formula that can last 13 hours – I would suppose this means if you do not eat and partake in other mouth activities for 13 hours. Unfortunately, I wasn’t going to do that, but nonetheless the formula does last well for a standard lipstick. What I ate throughout the days did alter the lasting power, if you’re going to eat a burger for example, the formula will last less. However, if you’re just drinking and snacking the formula will see you through and you won’t really require a touch up.

Overall, I am impressed with the formula, particularly for the price. If you want a formula similar to MAC’s standard matte lipsticks, SEVENTEEN are offering you an extremely affordable alternative for a third of the price.

What are some of your favourite affordable matte lipsticks? Share with me in the comment section.

Thank you for reading, I’m signing out until my next post.