Look Fantastic Beauty Box September 2016


This month Look Fantastic’s Beauty Box turns 2, so the September box was in celebration. Last month Glossybox celebrated their 5th birthday and similarly to their disappointing birthday box, Look Fantastic have created a disappointing one too. Overall, I am more often impressed with their selection which is why I had expected the birthday box to be something quite spectacular. However, I am extremely underwhelmed. Furthermore, no Elle magazine this month!

Without further ado, here’s what I received in this month’s box:

All items in this months box are travel/sample size. Despite being a birthday box, there is no full sized item.


BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick (£17.00)

A warm rosy lipstick that is the perfect size to take with you on the go. I have heard a lot of positive things regarding the BareMinerals lipstick formula and this shade is one of their most popular ones. Although it is a beautiful shade for everyday wear, I know it is not something I will get much use of and therefore will pass this on to a friend.

Argan Liquid Gold Multi-Tone BB Cream (£70.00)

30ml of this product will set you back £70.00, and this months box is giving you 10ml of it. Approximately that is £23.00 worth of product in a box that costs £11.25 a month. I have never heard of this brand but their formula contains 24 Carat Gold as well as Organic Argan Oil. The claim is that this formula is specially designed to adapt to your skin tone whilst adding luminosity and hydration to the skin and providing enough coverage to hide imperfections.

I’m not the biggest fan of BB Creams but I am really intrigued by the claim that this formula adapts to an individuals skin tone. I will be trying this out and most likely will report back with a quick review on my Facebook page.

Lord & Berry Strobing Pencil 

I have had a bit of trouble trying to locate this exact item anywhere on the world wide web, but it clearly does exist as it’s in my possession. I’m not too sure what to make of this, I mean it’s a pencil, I’ve never used an actual pencil to strobe with.

I’m not a big fan of Lord & Berry products, I see them so often in subscription boxes and I am often disappointed so most likely this will be given to someone who can make use of it. I guess the only perk to this pencil is that if the formula is good, it can be perfect for taking on the go for any touch-ups.


Bliss Lemon and Sage Body Butter £20.50

This is at least the third time I have received this exact product from a subscription box, second time I am receiving it from Look Fantastic. This was sent in the February box and now 7 months later – it’s back.

There’s nothing special in the formula for this, it works similarly to many body butters, I find the price far too expensive for what it is and would not recommend it.

Christophe Robin Clarifying Shampoo £25.00

I’m going to be brutally honest here and state that I don’t care what the brand is but I really dislike receiving shampoo’s from a subscription service. Is there anyone that actually likes seeing a shampoo pop up? If so, please introduce yourselves to me.

Suitable for daily use, this formula claims to get rid of all dandruff and reduce itching. I do not have dandruff nor has it ever been a concern for me (fortunately), so this product really is of no use to me. I don’t even know of anyone that does suffer from dandruff. Most likely I will put this in a box to drop off to a charity that provides sanitary items for homeless people.

Gatineau Collagene Expert Smoothing Eye Pads (£36.00)

A pack of 6 sachets that have 2 pads each in them cost £36.00, so 1 sachet is worth £6.00. Each pad is drenched in a unique collagen solution that that revitalise and hydrate the skin. There is also Glycerin in the formula that should moisturise the skin to effectively remove signs of fatigue within 10 minutes.

My Mum is a huge fan of Gatineau products so I will definitely be passing these pads on to her to try and let me know how they worked for her. Once again, I’ll most likely do a mini review on my Facebook page.

That wraps up this months box, as aforementioned, it certainly is underwhelming considering it’s a celebration box that marks 2 years of the box. Nonetheless, I do wish Look Fantastic a very happy birthday and already am looking forward to seeing what they produce for October.

Thank you for reading, I’m signing out until my next post.