nügg Beauty Face and Eye Mask


nügg Beauty is now readily available in the UK from Beauty Bay as well as Selfridges. Over the years of being a member of the online beauty community I had heard a lot of positives in regards to the masks available from nügg Beauty and now after putting the pods to the test I present to you my thoughts.

You can purchase a variety of sets for the face masks from both of the above mentioned retailers and they can cost anywhere between £13-16. A set of four masks costs £13.00 which would mean that each pod costs £3.25. Although certainly not the cheapest, there is enough in each pod to give you two uses. The only downside is that if you open the seal fully, storage of remaining product is difficult. This is where I do wish the pods had an actual lid so you could seal appropriately and preserve the ingredients. Nonetheless, the way I managed this was to open the pod only slightly, use what I needed to and wrap a rubber band around the pod to seal it once again.
If you do manage to get at least two uses from each pod £1.60 is not a bad deal for a formula that actually packs a punch.

I absolutely love face masks and since the age of 13 I have been actively using them in my skincare routine. Over the years thanks to troublesome skin and experiencing a huge variety of brands, I know what I like and what a good formula should provide. I use masks twice a week, once on the weekend to truly clear my skin and once mid-week to just give my skin a dose of refreshment and pampering. nügg Beauty offer a variety of different formulas addressing a range of concerns so you most certainly will find something to cater to your needs.


I have tried a couple from what I own and I completely understand why these masks have been so well received since release. Every mask I tried left my skin feeling refreshed and instantly brightened my complexion. The interesting thing about the formula is that it never truly dries down as you would expect, which was strange for me at first but it most certainly meant that this is a formula that can be removed fuss-free! As much as I do love face masks, I don’t love those that are a pain to remove from the skin.



nügg have used a lot of beneficial ingredients in each of their formulas, especially those that are proven to help with particular skin concerns. Each individual option works just as you would want it to and results of pampered skin are immediate. I left each mask on during their trials for 15 minutes each, although you can use them for 5-10 minutes each and results will still be visible. I personally just like to give myself an extra 5-10  minutes with most of my masks hoping to truly get the best experience.

There are only a handful of masks that I have tried during over a decade that I wholeheartedly like and nügg have created formulas that have earned a place in this line up with ease.

Moving on to the eye masks, after being so impressed with the face masks I expected equally good results with the eye mask and I am pleased to confirm I wasn’t disappointed. As strict as I am with my skincare routine, I am terrible with applying eye cream and ensuring I look after that area.


Over the years I have tried a couple of masks that specifically target the under-eye area and most have fallen short with providing either instant results or any results at all. Fortunately, these eye masks by nügg does not fall into the no results category. I was able to see instant results, the skin under my eye felt hydrated, smoother and vibrant. The formula absorbs in to the skin very easily, and although you assume you’re receiving a lot of product in the tube I do recommend not splitting usage for this product and ensuring you use it all as it does sink in to the skin so quickly.

The idea is that you apply the mask under the eye and then soak the eye sheets that are included in the pack and apply on top of the formula. It’s a different concept to what I have tried in the past before but as it is effective who am I to question this method? Similarly to the face masks the eye mask is also infused with beneficial ingredients including Caffeine, Hesperidin and Vitamin B5.

You can purchase a pack of 6 masks for £14.49 from Beauty Bay which roughly equates to each set costing you £2.41 which is actually one of the most affordable effective eye masks I have tried. In fact, this mask works far better than the eye masks from GlamGlow, which as you can imagine cost a lot.

Overall I am beyond impressed with both products from nügg and would definitely recommend them. If you have already tried products from the brand, please do share your recommendations with me in the comment section.

Thank you for reading, I’m signing out until my next post.

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