Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow, Glow Kit


I think I’ve certainly established my love and admiration for Anastasia Beverly Hills as a brand repeatedly on the blog. Consequently, whenever an announcement is made for an upcoming release I am sold and it overtakes everything on my “to buy” list. I’m not sure whether it’s the social media hype for the brand or if it truly is because I just love the brand that much, but ABH are the only brand who convince me to buy their new releases as soon as they launch.

The brand have been launching quite a few Glow Kits over the past few months and all to date have a lot of good feedback, so naturally when they announced their latest Glow Kit for the Holidays, I already had an assumption that it would be a winner.


The Ultimate Glow, Glow Kit  just looked stunning. As soon as I saw the pictures I instantly thought that this is exactly what I would want from a highlighter palette. The shade selection was perfection and I was certain that I would favour this over the rest of the kits I own without doubt. Unfortunately, this has not been the case.

Aesthetically, the palette is stunning and by far one of the best looking highlighter palettes I have ever seen. However, what always matters is formulation and that is where this product is a disappointment.


I’ve reviewed three of previously released Glow Kits on the blog (Sun Dipped, That Glow, and Gleam) and raved about how good the formula is for every single one of them, it’s consistent. Unfortunately, the formula seems to be slightly different for the Ultimate Glow, Glow Kit and I am failing to understand why, especially considering how overwhelmingly positive the feedback has been in regards to formulation for the previous kits.

The previous formulas were all smooth and applied beautifully on the skin, you were able to achieve either a subtle or more intense glow as per your own desire. The formula for the Ultimate Glow, Glow Kit is nothing like this. In fact, the formula feels more grainy and rough, furthermore when applying this to the skin it really is a glittery mess.


Every single time I have used this palette my face is covered in particles of glitter, the formula breaks down upon application and chunks of glitter begin to make their way around your skin. I have tried using the formula in numerous of ways but each time the formula for every single shadow does the same, they are far too shimmery to use as highlighters (unless you like the look of glitter). 

Although the formula is certainly a dud to use as a highlighter, each shade does actually work beautifully as an eyeshadow. Had I known that it was as poor as it is, I probably would not have purchased the palette.

Irrespective of the fact that the formula is extremely shimmery and difficult to blend on the face, this is in fact a long-lasting. I try most new products during working days and it lasted throughout a 8 hour working day. Of course, the glittery particles were more noticeable than anything else.


Swatched with my finger, this is two-three layers of the formula and not one swipe.

Top – Bottom : Snow, White Sand, Golden Dawn, Sunray, Amber Gold and Hot Sand


Overall, this was a disappointing product and I guess it disappoints me slightly more as I know that ABH have a fantastic formula for their other kits so I just wish they had used the same for these shades.

Nonetheless, you know I’ll be excited for their next launch anyway, I have my eye on that Strawberry Liquid Lipstick!

Let me know your thoughts on the palette and any other highlighter recommendations you may have.

Thank you for reading, I’m signing out until my next post.

This product is limited edition and sold out on the official ABH website. It is however still available in Sephora (as linked above). Unfortunately this palette will not be stocked at any of the brand’s certified UK stockists.