Perricone MD Intensive Pore Minimizer


In an ideal world our pores would be invisible and a pore refining primer would be useless. However, it’s rather evident we do not live in an ideal world and as humans have a long way to go, and being poreless is definitely not a priority. Nonetheless, it would be a nice benefit if it was possible and that’s where our search for products steps in.

When I browse for primers I do prefer those that will help minimise the appearance of pores. Surprisingly, there are not many on the market. There are a few that have truly gathered a following but there is definitely room for more – a lot  more. As helpful as primers are, to truly tackle large pores we need to look at what products we are using in our skin-care regimen.

I began my research into what I could do to improve my skin and help reduce the visibility of my pores and came across the Perricone MD Intensive Pore Minimizer. From my understanding, the overall feedback in regards to a majority of the brands products is positive, so despite the price tag I was keen to give it a go.

The claim is that the formula provides delicate exfoliation that resurfaces the skin and normalizes oil and the use of Alpha Lipoic will improve the skins resilience, texture and tone. The formula also includes Salicylic Acid, which is proven to remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil, key contributors to clogging and stretching pores. There is also use of an ingredient called DMAE which focuses on the loss of elasticity and helps minimize the appearance of pores. Overall, the formula is impressive and does contain ingredients that have been proven to be beneficial for the skin.

I wanted to ensure I tested the product for a decent length of time before I presented a conclusion on the blog. With skincare, results are rarely instant and I find it is important to try the products for a good period before you gather all your thoughts and form a final opinion.

After 5 weeks of use have I noticed any difference? Yes, I have. Although my pores have not disappeared entirely, I have noticed a significant decrease in size and visibility. Furthermore, with daily use the formula has really helped with the overall appearance and texture of my skin.


Although I am happy with the results I’m able to see so far, I think with prolonged use this formula will continue to benefit my skin and improve its overall appearance. I apply a small amount to a cotton pad every night after cleansing my face and leave it on overnight. Despite the £50.00 price tag, this bottle will last you a long time as the tiniest amount does go a long way. Furthermore, it’s not a formula you want to drench your skin in.

If you are looking for something to help with the overall appearance of your skin, especially if enlarged pores and texture is a concern, I wholeheartedly recommend this. However, unless you will be committed to ensuring you do use this daily, results may vary. Persistence and effort are key, if you put in the time, you will see results.

Share some of your skincare favourites with me in the comment section.

Thank you for reading, I’m signing out until my next post.