Samaya Kapha Anti-Ageing Cream

Samaya, a brand that has created a range of products based on the Ayurveda principle. Ayurveda is a 3,000-year-old Indian system of holistic medicine based around the belief that health and wellness require a delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit. Samaya hopes to bring the perfect balance to your skin with their products, and in order to do so the first thing you need to find out is your dosha.

There are three types of dosha, each which represent with different sets of physical and emotional traits. In order to find your dosha Samya have created an online questionnaire. Once completed, you will be presented with a range of products suited best to you.

Skincare is very personal and certainly something we all should invest in. With so many brands available, it is vital to ensure your investment is in products that have quality ingredients.

Samaya Kapha Anti-Ageing Cream is formulated with Ayurvedic botanicals and clinically proven Anti-Ageing ingredients. The formula claims to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles whilst also firming the skin, leaving you with youthful and revitalised appearance. Packaged in a beautiful glass bottle with a pump, the beneficial ingredients remain stable to ensure they continue to work properly.

After continuous use over the past few months I have noticed improvement in my skin. Although wrinkles are not a major concern for me (not right now at least), the formula has helped ensure my skin remains hydrated and radiant throughout the day. Furthermore, my skin has felt firmer and I have noticed that there has been a significant improvement around my neck.

The formula absorbs quickly into the skin and the smell is divine and soothing, I have sensitive skin and the scent did not irritate me at all. Although I have absolutely loved using the Samaya Kapha Anti-Ageing Cream, it does cost rather a lot. However, as mentioned above, when it comes to skincare I don’t mind investing as long as the product(s) work. Fortunately this was one of them, and a product I certainly will repurchase for my Mother to use.

If you are looking for new skincare that is made in the UK and will guarantee excellent quality ingredients, Samaya is a brand you certainly need to check out.

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