Beauty Pie – The Review

Luxury makeup without the markup, that is what Beauty Pie claims to offer. Marica Kilgmore, founder of Soap and Glory is the woman behind this new concept of beauty subscription boxes. Admittedly, when I first heard of this new concept I was intrigued but the novelty of it wore off extremely quickly.

How does it work?

You pay a fixed fee of £10 per month (excluding shipping fees) to simply have access to purchase the Beauty Pie products at a significantly cheaper price.

Each month you are given a monthly limit of £100 to spend on the products, the £100 is on the basis of the supposedly regular price of the items and not the membership price. Therefore, you can expect to buy between 3-5 products a month.

Any allowance you do not use does get rolled over to the next month, therefore you can make a bigger purchase when and as it suits you. If however you do not want to become a member, you can purchase the items without joining, but you will have to pay the recommended retail price for them.

Although you can cancel your membership anytime, the minimum term is 3 months.

I joined Beauty Pie when it first launched and when their range was significantly smaller than what it is currently. Since its initial launch, the range has expanded greatly and according to the company they expect to add an intense amount of products throughout 2017.

The packaging of their products seems heavily inspired by Bobbi Brown, which does give the products a luxury look. I like the packaging, it’s simple yet looks sleek. I purchased one of their foundations, a concealer and two highlighters. Am I impressed? to an extent. I’m not impressed enough to continue a membership, but I am glad I did give the concept a try.

Fortunately, none of the products I purchased were a huge disappointment. From my own research it appears there are mixed reviews to the Beauty Pie products with some being relatively poor whilst others being pleasant surprises.

The Everyday Great Skin Foundation is not a favourite at all, nor will it replace any one of my favourite foundations anytime soon. Nonetheless it is nice. You are able to achieve medium coverage and the finish is fairly natural looking with slight luminosity. The formula blends easily and does not cling to any dry patches, overall I think it’s a foundation that could work for a range for skin types. Unfortunately, the shade range is rather poor which is a huge let down.

The Unbeatable Concealer I initially wanted to try to help counteract under-eye darkness. However, the formula I find does not work well under the eyes, despite claiming to do so as it looks extremely dry and cakey. However, it does work well as a spot concealer which I guess is what it will be used for.

My two favourite products from my purchases are the highlighters. The Triple Beauty Liquid Luminizer and Pro-Glow Highlighter both look beautiful when applied on the skin. Surprisingly, I prefer the liquid formula more as it offers such a natural soft subtle highlight which looks particularly beautiful when mixed in with your foundation.

Overall, I don’t realistically find the entire concept of Beauty Pie a game-changer. Certainly it is different, but I feel the novelty will wear off. How much can you buy from one brand repeatedly, and that too on a subscription service?. Furthermore, the supposedly retail price of each product does bother me. My reason for this is as I want to know the logic behind the pricing. Most high-end brands have built a reputation, and usually most will use expensive ingredients as well as luxury packaging that feels luxurious as well as looking it too. However, Beauty Pie has only just launched and their retail prices are on par with the likes of Bobbi Brown etc.

Irrespective of the above, I don’t believe the products should be priced the same as brands such as Rimmel, but a more realistic approach for a start-up would be better. Such pricing would open more to at least trying one or two products without making a 3 month commitment. That way, if they are impressed, they certainly can sign up. Unfortunately, I don’t see many rushing to purchase any of the products for the current listed retail price.

Have you tried Beauty Pie? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comment section.

Thank you for reading, I’m signing out until my next post.