Blank Canvas Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

I was first introduced to Blank Canvas Cosmetics in July 2016 via Glossybox. I received their F20 Flat Brush which has since become one of my favourite brushes – something I definitely did not expect.

It’s no secret that the tools you use have a significant impact on the results of your makeup application. Furthermore, the better quality the tool, the easier make the application overall. Although we are inundated with various brands offering makeup brushes, it is rather hard to find brushes that offer exceptional quality for an affordable price.

If you browse Instagram and/or watch YouTube, you’ll find many influencers that rave about Morphe Brushes and to be honest, they are a company I can never get behind. Influencers have begun giving far too many false reviews to benefit their own pocket and the entire ordeal is rather sickening at this stage. This is why I urge consumers to go and find alternatives to what you are being shown because there are some beautiful brushes available by companies that have not been linked to private labelling and poor quality control and quality overall.

After researching  Blank Canvas Cosmetics I am happy to recommend their brushes not just for personal use, but also specifically to Makeup Artists because I guarantee you will not be disappointed. The quality of every single brush I have used has been exceptional and I find them to be even better than cult favourite brand Real Techniques.

Over the years I have tried a variety of tools from an insane amount of brands and there have only ever been a handful that have left a lasting impression, Blank Canvas being one of them. Each individual brush I have picked up and used has been of outstanding quality. As you hold any of their brushes you are able to feel that they are well-made and of undeniable quality. The hairs are wonderfully soft and feel luxurious on touch. Fortunately, they also wash well.

Hygiene and cleanliness is vital and unfortunately not all brands offer products that last well after you wash them. I have been able to wash my brushes multiple times and I have not experienced any shedding or difference in quality. After each wash, the brushes perform just as they have always done – beautifully.

Winner of multiple awards and also being one of Europe’s top rated brush brands – Blank Canvas Cosmetics have successfully put on the market some of the best brushes I have ever had the pleasure of using. The entire range I have has allowed me to create flawless results for myself and those I have applied makeup on. I could praise the quality of the brushes endlessly, but what makes the brand a solid contender against many cult favourites is their price point.

If you are in search of new tools for yourself or your kit, I wholeheartedly recommend browsing the extensive range Blank Canvas have to offer, as aforementioned – you will not be disappointed. 

If you have already tried Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes, or if you will be trying the brand, please do share your thoughts with me in the comment section.

Thank you for reading, I’m signing out until my next post.